EWX Power Solutions

Introducing EWX Power AIR™

Compressed Air Anytime and Anywhere

EWX Power Solutions is known for delivering reliable, renewable power anytime, anywhere with its EWX Power Module. Now, EWX can also provide a clean, comprehensive compressed air solution for your pneumatic equipment and instrument controls without the challenges or downtime of generators – and with no release of methane into the atmosphere.


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The EWX Power AIR™

Remote, Reliable, Renewable

The EWX Power AIR™ combines the functionality and benefits of our Power Module with clean, dry instrument air.

And, like the Power Module, the Power AIR promises superior reliability, 24/7 remote monitoring, and onsite maintenance and support. EWX also provides flow-meter tracking of your emissions so we can deliver regulatory and carbon credit reporting.


  • Scalable to meet your SCFM and PSI requirements
  • Remotely monitored with solar-hybrid reliability
  • Conditioned and filtered air

EWX Power Solutions

Remote, Reliable, Renewable

  • 1

    A cleaner, solar hybrid solution

    A renewable, solar-hybrid solution that helps reduce your carbon footprint and meet ESG initiatives.

  • 2

    Reliable, redundant power

    A backup generator ensures continuous power, so weather conditions never threaten your power supply.

  • 3

    Quality, proven components

    EWX Power Modules are equipped with high-quality and field-tested components.

  • 4

    Scalable Solutions

    EWX's modular battery system allows its unit to be configured to your power needs.

  • 5

    Service & Support

    EWX provides 24/7 remote monitoring along with onsite maintenance and support.

Delivering Power When And Where The Grid Can’t.

EWX Power Solutions

Texas-based EWX Power Solutions was founded in 2019 to deliver a reliable power source to places where the grid couldn’t reach. Through its patented, dispatchable Power Module™, EWX can provide clean, continuous power to any remote site where reserve power is needed. Now, EWX is adding compressed air to its offering. EWX Power AIR ™ delivers clean, dry instrument air for pneumatic devices and minimizes methane emissions in the process.