Powering Beyond the Grid

EWX Power Module Common Applications

The EWX Power Module is designed to meet the power challenges within a variety of industrial and commercial applications — from remote oil and gas drilling sites to construction sites where power lines have yet to be connected, and from telecom stations powering fiber optic networks to recovery zones in the aftermath of a disaster.

Oil and Gas Operations

EWX is helping oil and gas operators transition to a cleaner, more sustainable power source to reduce their carbon footprint and meet ESG initiatives.

Drill sites have traditionally relied on diesel fuel generators, which come with high fuel costs, frequent equipment malfunctions, and noise.

With the EWX Power Module, man camps can be powered with a reliable, quiet solar-hybid solution that ensures workers have access to uninterrupted electricity for their daily needs. Pad lighting, crucial for nighttime operations, can also be continuously maintained, reducing downtime and safety hazards.

EWX provides 24/7 remote monitoring and control along with onsite maintenance and support, so potential problems never go undetected. And EWX can also provide operators usage reports highlighting carbon emission reductions.

Industrial Environments

In industrial environments, maintaining a constant power supply is essential for ensuring the efficient operation of heavy machinery and critical processes. However, the traditional power grid is struggling to keep up with industrial expansion and demand.

EWX Power Solutions can tailor its patented, solar-hybrid Power Module to fit a variety of industrial applications. EWX's modular battery system allows a unit to be configured to supply up to 80kW of instantaneous power, while broader power ranges can be reached with multiple units. And a backup fuel generator ensures dependable, continuous power, so weather conditions never threaten power supply.


In telecommunications, consistent power is paramount, especially when working to expand infrastructure and connectivity to remote or underserved areas. When telecommunication needs are beyond the grid, connecting to a reliable and continuous power source can be a challenge.

Through its Power Module, EWX can customize a solution that meets the unique power demands of telecommunication projects, providing uninterrupted power for crucial network equipment and communication systems.


Construction Sites

When construction crews arrive at a project site ahead of the grid, securing dependable, continuous power can become a concern.

EWX Power Solutions can deliver a reliable, robust power solution to bridge the gap until infrastructure is established, helping ensure critical construction activities proceed smoothly and on schedule. Plus, the EWX Power Module is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of a construction site and it is easy to transport and relocate as needed.

Disaster Recovery

Severe storms and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on communities, and cause widespread and lasting power outages. Emergency responders typically rely on diesel generators for power, but replenishing a generator's fuel and managing components that frequently malfunction can become costly distractions that slow down recovery efforts.

EWX Power Solutions can play a critical role in disaster response. Through its patented and easily portable Power Module, EWX can quickly deploy reliable, renewable power when the grid can't, so emergency communication, medical support, and relief operations remain uninterrupted.